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Plastic bottles pose some very particular challenges for printing and coding systems. The printing surface is curved, sometimes irregular, and possibly colored. The contents may even impact the printing process—some bottles will hold beverages like lemonade or milk, personal care products like body wash or shampoo, or chemicals such as cleaning products. Inkjet printer and ink combinations must be carefully selected to withstand the specific conditions of your production line.
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Even the plastic itself may differ—from lightweight, flexible PET plastic to its sturdier cousin, HDPE. Even within the same factory, you may find that you need to switch often between printing on polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic resins, each of which requires a different approach.

Finding the right printer and ink combination for your production line is key to cutting costs while preserving the quality of labels and codes. InkJet, Inc. offers both printers and inks that are ideal for inkjet printing on plastic bottles, no matter what your business's particular challenges may be.

Printers and Coders for Inkjet Printing on Plastic Bottles

How many plastic bottles are you printing on per day? How quickly do you need those marks and codes applied? Are you printing on recycled plastic? These kinds of questions need early answers if you are to find a printer that can reliably satisfy your printing needs without costing you more than you should reasonably expect to pay—in terms of upfront costs and upkeep.

Whether you're working in a high-speed, high-volume production environment with extreme humidity and temperatures challenges or in a craft brewery with just a handful of employees and a tabletop conveyor pushing out just a few dozen bottles per hour, you need a robust printer that can minimize downtime and maximize both printing quality and efficiency.

Depending on your particular production environment, consider the following printer options:

DuraCode CIJ Printers

Duracode Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer

Need to print on a lot of bottles quickly? This sturdy, low-maintenance CIJ printer is a perfect match for the fast-paced production environments of larger manufacturing plants. Its automatic monitoring system allows for swift and consistent high-quality printing while its modular stainless steel design allows for quick filter and fluid changes to keep your production line running smoothly.

Anser U2 Pro-S Thermal Inkjet Printer

Anser U2 Pro-S Thermal Inkjet Printer

If your business is a little smaller and your production output a little lower, this cartridge-based printer provides an economical option that delivers the same quality results as our CIJ printer but at a lower speed and cost. Our Anser printers come with remote controls and mounting brackets to make setup easy. Handheld options are also available.


Of course, the best printer in the world won't mean a thing for your business if you aren’t working with the right ink. We can help you find that, too.

Choosing the Right Ink for Plastic Bottle Marking and Coding

When it comes to inkjet printing on plastic bottles, you need ink that can stand up to a host of environmental challenges.

  • Condensation and aggressive washdowns can all too easily compromise standard inks that are not up to the task of plastic marking and coding.
  • Exposure to chemicals may also be a consideration in your ink selection depending on the nature of the product you are bottling.
  • Abrasion is also an important consideration since plastic bottles tend to be handled frequently by consumers—as they lift drinks to their lips, squeeze out soaps in the shower, or squeeze the trigger of their window cleaner of choice.

Our industrial-grade CIJ compatible inks are temperature, abrasion, and alcohol resistant. We offer both soft- and hard-pigmented options to ensure high quality and clarity regardless of whether you are printing on light- or dark-colored plastic.

Need a UV-readable ink for watermarks and other anti-counterfeiting safeguards? We even have a CIJ ink for your unique production line.

Our wide range of inks is compatible with OEM printers, other manufacturers’ offerings, and our own printers like the Duracode and Anser solutions. In special cases where our pre-manufactured inks cannot quite satisfy your business's particular requirements, we are also more than happy to work with you to develop a custom ink specially designed for your printing needs and conditions.

Industrial Inkjet Solutions for Plastic Bottle Printing

Barcodes, nutrition facts, serialization codes, product labels—each use case requires a printer and ink combination that can deliver the best results on time, every time. For inkjet printing on plastic bottles, especially, you need a solution that is both reliable and robust enough to continually deliver those results as products move from the production line to transport and, eventually, into consumers’ hands.

No matter how big or small your business and your production line, InkJet, Inc. can help you find the solutions you need to succeed. Our experts will help you to select the perfect combination—and if it doesn't exist yet, we'll create a solution just for you. We believe that no problem is unsolvable; sometimes, you just have to develop a better answer.

InkJet, Inc. is a printer distributor and ink manufacturer with years of experience providing top-quality solutions for inkjet printing on plastic bottles for a variety of businesses, big and small. We also offer testing and validation services to ensure maximum success of your printing and coding. For more information on our products or services, contact us or call us today at 1-(800) 280-3245.

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