Evolabel Print and Apply Labelers

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Evolabel Print and Apply Labelers

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The Easiest to Use Print and Apply Machines

Simplicity Through Technology™ 

Evolabel® is fit for the job in manufacturing facilities looking to automate labeling on their production lines. Evolabel®  a unique range of print and apply labeling equipment most customers experience fewer production interruptions. Grade A barcodes that are GS1 compliant, and modular design allows the labeler to be customized specifically for your manufacturing process.  See the various applicators and printers available here.

Print and apply labelers are typically used by manufacturers to apply labels with a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, and much more to their products. In applications where uptime and quality are essential, Evolabel’s machines are your perfect solutions.

InkJet, Inc. is an authorized distributor (U.S. only) of Evolabel print and apply systems.

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Easy to Install

A compact, clean design paired with stable, flexible brackets and holders makes mechanical installation easy. With its small footprint, the Evolabel® print and apply labeler is able to fit where space is limited. No software needs to be installed, and an external computer is not necessary. Getting started is quick and easy with pre-loaded test layouts and test products. The media sensor is automatically calibrated when changing labels.

Easy to Use

Evolabel’s print and apply machines are developed with user-friendliness in focus. The large, color touch screen is intuitive and makes operation simple and error free. The clean and straightforward label path allows anyone to quickly change the label roll. Wear and tear parts – including the print head and print roll – are fast and easy to replace without tools. Mechanical printer adjustments are eliminated thanks to the rigid and precise chassis, which secures high-quality printing over time.

Robust and Safe

The printer frame is welded together and machined as one piece, eliminating mechanical adjustments. Evolabel® uses only sealed ball bearings, ensuring maximum lifetime in rough environments. There are also no mechanical friction clutches; instead, an intelligently controlled, brushless DC motor ensures correct force in the backing paper. The hard drive is based on Flash-technology – i.e. no moving parts. The Evolabel® system either apply labels without any moving parts or the movement is dimensioned and controlled to make it all safe for the user.

Easy to Change

It is easy to change products from the touch screen on the intuitive user interface. Warnings such as “paper low” and alarms such as “paper out” are clearly prompted to the user through the display and the light tower. A lot of room around the label path makes changing labels and ribbon easy:

  • The applicator folds away automatically when changing labels.

  • A divided media sensor (patented) eliminates mistakes.

  • Specially designed air nozzle eliminates “blow pipe.”

The label path is clean and straightforward – allowing anyone to change labels without complex instructions.

Easy to Maintain

It is easy to replace and to clean the print head. The print head opens widely, and the applicator is automatically folded away. The print head is easy to remove without tools, and no adjustments are needed after a change. The print head is free from power when not printing, eliminating the risk of having it damaged if the power is not turned off. The print roller and driving belt are also easy to replace without any tools. With the handle in service position, the roller is released, the belt becomes slack, and one can simply pull out the print roller. The printer can be controlled through a web browser, and troubleshooting is effective with all events stored in the printer.

Easy to Integrate

The open and defined Evolabel® API allows external software programs to fully control the Evolabel® print and apply system. All printer and applicator settings can be set externally. Many of Evolabel’s partners have implemented the API in their own software solutions, giving simplicity every step of the way. With the built-in support for XML protocol, it is easy to select a layout and populate its fields with data. Databases can be stored locally in the printer or externally in, for example, Excel compatible CSV format, simplifying the integration. Built-in I/O:s can be configured from the Evolabel® interface for required signal exchange with PLC:s and other packaging equipment.

Get Your EvoLabel® Print and Apply System

Interested in optimizing your production line with the easiest to use print and apply system on the market? Then contact inkjet, Inc. today. We’ll help you find the EvoLabel® print and apply labeler that’s the right solution for you.

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