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Coding Plastic and Metal Extrusions

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Extrusion has been a staple of global manufacturing since the late 1700s. Used to make everything from plastic tubing to metal pipes, extrusion remains one of today’s most important production methods. Despite extrusion’s enduring popularity, however, placing codes on them can remain a challenge.


Extrusion facilities are often home to several challenging environmental factors, including:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High humidity
  • Airborne dust
  • Oil presence 

All of these elements have the potential to damage unprotected coding hardware and smear codes—two complications that can cause long periods of downtime.


To keep your extrusion facility efficient, it’s important to have a marking solution that you can rely on day-in and day-out. That’s why InkJet, Inc. offers a variety of marking technologies that are well-suited for extrusion environments.

If you’re looking for a new system for coding plastic and metal extrusions, here’s what InkJet, Inc. can do for you.

Marking Solutions Made To Operate in Extrusion Facilities

Extrusion is an inherently harsh manufacturing process. Extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, airborne dust, and oil presence are all commonly found in extrusion facilities. Not only can these environmental factors wreak havoc on unfortified machinery, but they can also render codes illegible if one doesn’t use the right ink for the application.

Without the right combination of durable marking hardware and specialty ink, extrusion operations are likely to face:

metal extrusions
  • Downtime Due to Maintenance Issues: Extrusion facilities often utilize high-speed production lines that are intended to operate 24/7. Challenging environmental issues like dust, humidity, and high temperatures can cause unprotected hardware to malfunction, leading to periods of profit-draining downtime.
  • Unreadable Product Markings: Extrusion lines move fast which means line operators need to use quick-drying, durable inks when coding their products. Without the right formula, codes are likely to appear unreadable, thus violating industry standards. 

To avoid these issues and maintain profitability, extrusion facilities must use marking solutions that are designed to operate in their facilities—that’s where InkJet, Inc. can help.

Different Hardware Options To Meet Different Needs

Coding plastic and metal extrusions requires speed, accuracy, and continuous operation. Moreover, extrusion marking hardware must be able to deliver consistently readable results despite extreme heat, dust, and humidity.

InkJet, Inc. answers these demands by offering a variety of continuous inkjet printers and laser marking systems that are ideal for extrusion marking. Some of our most popular extrusion coding options include:

Plastic and metal extrusion

The DuraCode Continuous Inkjet Printer:Capable of uninterrupted high-speed coding for up to 24 hours a day, the DuraCode CIJ is a great choice for fast-moving extrusion lines. Built with an IP55 outer structure and able to operate in temperatures ranging from 41-113° F, DuraCode printers are built to resist the environmental hazards present in extrusion facilities to deliver consistently excellent results.

F8100F Fiber Laser Marking Machine: Fast, accurate, and compatible with a wide range of metals and plastics, the F8100F fiber laser is ideal for demanding extrusion applications. When equipped with a high-speed scanner, the F8100F offers a max marking speed of 2,000 characters per second and high-contrast marking capabilities.

With these qualities, wire and cable companies can maximize their efficiency and minimize downtime. At InkJet, Inc., we carry a variety of marking solutions specifically designed to excel in wire and cable extrusion facilities.

Diverse Ink Options for Long-Lasting Product Codes

For those using CIJ printers to mark their extrusions, ink choice is just as important as printer choice.

Similar to how environmental issues can cause hardware malfunctions, factors like oil presence and high heat can cause major ink adherence problems. To ensure that codes remain legible throughout the entire product lifecycle, it’s essential to use an ink formula that is designed to withstand harsh extrusion facility conditions.

Ink in beaker picture

At InkJet, Inc., we carry a number of formulas that are ideal for extrusion coding applications. Durable and capable of producing high-contrast codes, our ink formulas offer the following specialty properties:

  • Fast drying times (touch dry in 1-3 seconds)
  • Rub resistance (within 1-2 minutes)
  • UV curability
  • Alcohol-resistance
  • Solvent-resistance
  • Moisture-resistance
  • Transfer-resistance
  • Fade-resistance

We also carry popular OEM alternatives and offer custom ink services to ensure that our customers have the ideal solution to meet their coding needs.


Coding Plastic and Metal Extrusions Is Simple When You Have the Right Equipment. InkJet, Inc. Can Help

If you’re a manufacturer of plastic or metal extrusions, it’s essential to have a coding and marking system that can resist harsh elements to produce high-quality codes on a consistent basis. With InkJet, Inc.’s various hardware options and diverse ink portfolio, you can find the perfect coding solution to meet your needs. Call InkJet, Inc. today to learn more.

To find equipment for coding plastic and metal extrusions, contact us online today or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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