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Precision Series 72 Case Coder

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Precision Series 72 Case Coder

Product Code

If you’re searching for the most cost-effective and ink-efficient solution for packaging label printing, look no further than the Precision Series 72 case coder. This economical system has the ability to print up to 2.75” on both sides of a box and is designed to easily import messages from print-and-apply labelers using NiceLabel barcode label software, allowing for an easy transition from your existing label solution.

Unlike other printers, the Precision Series 72 also allows for the inclusion of barcodes, logos, and trackable data in a single message. Built with a large character piezoelectric printhead and compatible with InkJet, Inc.’s diverse ink portfolio, the Precision Series 72 is a workhorse case coder capable of printing DPI-rich images and machine-scannable codes day after day.




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Features & Specifications

Secondary packaging forms—such as cardboard cartons, boxes, crates, and tubes—are invaluable to modern shipping networks. Lightweight yet durable, secondary packaging not only protects products throughout distribution but secondary packaging labels and codes also provide workers with important information such as:

  • The products contained in the package.
  • Important product details (e.g., weight, expiration date, etc.).
  • Shipping details.

High-resolution case coders like the Precision Series 72 enable users to apply this kind of information directly onto shipping cartons and other forms of porous packaging. By using a case coder versus a fixed stamp system or a manual label application system, companies benefit from:

In addition, the Precision Series 72 Case Coder is also built with a variety of features that streamline operation. Such features include:

  • On-screen label design software
  • Strong integration capabilities—capable of multi-graphic, image, and alphanumeric layouts within one printer
  • Remote operation via NiceLabel software
  • Easy data network integration
  • A customizable user-friendly interface
  • Automatic numbering, date, and time coding
  • 42 MB internal memory capacity

The Precision Series 72 Case Coder excels at printing on porous primary and secondary packaging. Compatible with rich, oil-based ink formulas, the Precision Series 72 is capable of placing a variety of data onto cardboard boxes, cartons, and tubes, including: A single message can contain all of the following in a single print:

  • Variable data text
  • Machine-scannable barcodes and data matrices
  • Product images
  • Company logos

With these abilities, companies across industries can consistently create code-compliant and visually appealing primary/secondary packaging.

For a more complete understanding of the Precision Series 72’s capabilities, see the chart below to view this case coder’s full technical specifications:

Precision Series 72 Case Coder Technical Specifications
Dimensions (Including Bracket) Height: 322 mm
Width: 183 mm
Depth: 480 mm
Weight: 3.35 kg
Print Area 53.7 mm x 500 mm per print head
Print Speed 0 - 60 m/min.
Print Head 180 DPI
Operating Temperature 41-100.4°F / 5-38 °C
Relative Humidity 10% – 90% (non-condensing)
Internal Memory 42 MB for fonts, images, and labels. The number of labels depends on the size.
Barcode Options EAN8, EAN13, CODE 39, CODE128, ITF, and QR with adjustable height and module width. Multiple barcodes are possible in one label.
Automatic Shift Codes Up to 25 shift codes, definable over a maximum of 7 days. Multiple shift codes are possible in one label.
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In the Market for a New Case Coder? Call InkJet, Inc. Today to Learn If the Precision Series 72 Is Right For You

From barcode placement to variable data printing, the Precision Series 72 is a reliable large-character case coder that can help your company improve its packaging processes. Call InkJet, Inc. today to learn more.

For more information about DuraCode Precision Series 72 Case Coder, contact InkJet, Inc. online today or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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