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F8100C: CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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F8100C: CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Built for high-volume coding applications, the F8100C CO2 laser series marking machine is engineered to meet today’s most demanding code requirements. Capable of 24/7 marking at speeds up to 2,000 characters/second, this industrial-strength system delivers the kind of uninterrupted marking that line operators need to meet pressing production quotas.

The F8100C series can maximize operational efficiency via sustained uptime, low consumable usage, and minimal maintenance needs. This and many other reasons are why the new F8100C series will be a great addition to your operation.

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Features & Specifications

The F8100C series is built with a host of features that help large-scale packaging operations maximize productivity. Offering industrial coding speeds, intricate design capabilities, and nonstop operation, the F8100C Series is ideal for high-volume coding applications. The system’s wide substrate compatibility makes it a great fit for a wide range of industries, including food packaging, beverage bottling/canning, pharmaceutical development, and more.

By investing in the F8100C Series, companies benefit from:

  • Coding speeds up to 2,000 characters/second (when using high-speed scanner) 
  • Air-cooled laser source for 24/7 uninterrupted coding
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Optimized laser output that offers a source life of 30,000 hours
  • Low ongoing consumable costs
  • Ingress protection level of IP54 (cabinet) that enables operation in harsh environments
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface
  • Intuitive line integration

Thanks to the F8100C series coding speeds, wide substrate compatibility, and formidable outer structure, this CO2 laser marking machine is well-suited to tackle today’s most demanding coding applications. From placing machine-scannable QR codes on medical devices to marking food packaging with traceable lot codes, the FastJet F8100C provides line operators with the speed and precision to comply with strict coding standards without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Some of the F8100C Series most common applications include:

For a better understanding of the F8100C Series capabilities, consider the chart below to see the system’s full technical specifications.

F8100C Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine Technical Specifications
Marking Speed Up to 2,000 characters/second (when using high-speed scanner)
Line Speed Up to 200m/min
Focus Options - Standard: F160 (100x100) - Optional: F73 (50x50), F100 (70x70), F230 (140x140), F254 (175x175), F300 (210x210), F330 (250x250), F450 (300x300), F592 (400x400)
Wave Lengths 10.6um 10.2um and 9.3um
Marking Formats - Standard industrial fonts (Windows TrueType®) and single line font  - Machine-readable codes (OCR, 2D matrix, etc.)  - Bar codes: code 128a, code 128B, code 128c, code39, code93, QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec-Code, Han Xin-Code  - Graphics, logos, symbols, etc. - Linear, circular, angular, reverse, rotate sequential, and batch numbering  - Automatic date, layer and time code, real-time clock 
Laser Tube Sealed CO2 laser
User Interface Personalized touch control screen with an easy-to-learn interface
Communication - UDP, TCP/IP, and RS232 - Inputs for encoder and product detector triggers - 4 inputs/4 outputs for start/stop signals, machine/operator interlocks, and alarm outputs (in addition to safety circuits) - Customer-specific solutions are available 
Integration Flexible beam delivery options (beam extension unit/beam turning unit) 
Electrical Requirement 110-240 VAC (to be noted when ordering) 50/60 Hz, 1 PH, 0.70 KW 
Cooling System Air-cooled
Operational Environment - Temperature: 5-40° C (41-104°F)  - Humidity 0%-90%, no condensing
Sealing/Safety Standards Cabinet: IP54 standard 
Weight Approx. 40 kg 
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Need a New Marking System To Meet Demanding Output Quotas? Discover If F8100C Series Is the Answer

With coding speeds up to 2,000 characters/second and the ability to create machine-scannable markings, the F8100C Series is designed with maximum productivity in mind. Whether you need to comply with strict pharmaceutical coding standards or mark thousands of beverage bottles a day, the F8100C Series is the optimal machine to help you achieve your goals. Call InkJet, Inc. today to learn whether this laser coding solution is right for your needs.

To learn more about the F8100C Series CO2 laser marking machine, contact us online today or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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