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LDR 7100 Laser Marking System

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LDR 7100 Laser Marking System

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Built with the latest digital laser technology, the LDR 7100 laser marking system delivers excellent coding results with maximum simplicity and efficiency. A digital CO2 laser system, the LDR7100 offers greater reliability, faster coding speeds, and simpler operation than traditional scribing lasers. Capable of creating around 500,000 markings daily, the LDR 7100 is an excellent solution for companies across the industrial manufacturing/packaging spectrum.

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Benefits of the LDR 7100 Laser Marking System

The LDR7100 laser marking system is built to maximize uptime via simple operation and easy maintenance. Featuring a galvo-free modular design, the LDR 7100’s lack of moving parts enables operators to maintain extended periods of uptime and reduce overall maintenance needs. Additional features—such as point-and-shoot installation, a plug-and-play laser module, and remote operation capabilities—make the LDR7100 both user-friendly and highly efficient.

By investing in the LDR7100, companies benefit from:

  • Marking speeds up to 2000 characters/sec (2000 characters/sec for two-line marking).
  • Line speeds up to 250 m/min
  • IP65 cabinet protection
  • Long laser tube life
  • Enhanced high-resolution mark quality
  • Plug-and-play laser module for easy line replacement
  • Multiple cooling options, including closed-loop cooling and compressed air cooling
  • User-friendly control panel via computer or smartphone app

LDR 7100 Laser Marking System Application Specialties

The LDR7100 is ideal for high-speed coding applications. The system’s innovative design and intuitive controls enable users to mark industrial product quantities with minimal training and upkeep. The LDR 7100’s sturdy IP65 cabinet design and streamlined maintenance help ensure maximum efficiency when performing UDI-coding, barcoding, data matrix printing, variable data marking, and other coding application mainstays.

Some of the LDR7100’s most common applications include:

For a better understanding of the LDR7100’s capabilities, consider the chart below to see the system’s full technical specifications:

LDR 7100 Laser Marking System Technical Specifications
Laser Tube Sealed CO2 radio-frequency (RF) excited, no gas consumption
Maximum Power 200W
Laser Cooling Closed-loop water or ambient compressed air
Character Generation 2000/sec (single line), 4000/sec (two line)
Lines of Text 1 - 2 (3 line in development)
Line Speed Up to 250 m/min
Print Formats 5x5, 5x7, 5x9, 7x5, 7x7, 7x9, 9x5, 9x7, 9x9, high resolution
Character Height 2mm - 10mm
Message Length Up to 253 characters
Message Storage Up to 256 complete messages
Wavelength Options 10.6μ, 10.3μ, 9.3μ
User Interface Computer or android smartphone app
Cabinet IP65 two cabinet system
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Searching for a New Laser Marking Machine? The LDR 7100 Could Be Right for You

When it comes to convenience, efficiency, and low cost of ownership, it’s tough to beat the LDR7100. Whether you need to label thousands of water bottles with variable data markings or outfit pharmaceutical products with machine-scannable codes, the LDR 7100 is the optimal choice for the task.

To learn more about the LDR 7100 laser marking system, contact us online today or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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