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InkJet, Inc. is proud to offer Evolabel® print and apply machines for automatic labeling in automated production. Typical applications are manufacturing that needs a label applied on the product with a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, etc. In applications where up-time and quality is essential, Evolabel gets the done, simply and accurately. Below is a breakdown of the various applicators and printers.
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An air-knife apply the label with good precision to the product without touching it, from a distance up to 100 mm. The same applicator can handle label sizes from 35x35 mm to 100x100 mm.

Evolabel blow applicator


The combination of integrated vacuum injectors and air knife allows good apply precision of large labels (150x100 mm) from a distance of up to 150 mm. No moving parts gives totally safe label apply.

Evolabel Blowvac Applicator


For two adjacent sides labeling of boxes, the Evolabel Wipe90 G2 applicator does the job fast and safe, utilizing the unique Tactile arm feature. Wipe90 G2 can be configured for both left and right side applications.

Evolabel Wipe 90 G2 applicator


This applicator applies labels with high speed and precision from above or from below. The same applicator can handle various label sizes from 30x30 mm to 118x120 mm.

Evolabel Belt Applicator


Very accurate label positioning. The pneumatic Tamp applicator is very fast and has a stroke length of 70 mm. The eTamp versions are stepper motor driven for full control and have stroke length from 150 to 850 mm.

Evolabel Tamp/eTamp Applicator


Fast and friendly logistic labeling system. For labeling shipping labels on top of boxes of various heights. It handles height variations of 1 m and conveyor speeds of up to 80 m/min. Eliminates traditional bottlenecks in logistic warehouses.

Evolabel Quicktamp Applicator


The Wipe G2 applicator apply all from fast side, front, rear or top applications to adjacent side and corner wrap labeling applications. The light 3D printed arm, stabilized by carbon fibre, gives fast and precise labeling without sacrificing on safety for the user.

Evolabel Wipe G2 Applicator


Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system is totally safe, user friendly, compact and cost effective. The unique Tactile arm eliminates trap points. High capacity of 5 pallets/min on two sides incl. verification of all barcodes. The same system can label three sides of the pallet.

Evolabel FlexWipe Pallet Applicator
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Evolabel D43 printer


Direct thermal technology “DT”. Print width 4 inch (108 mm), resolution 300 dpi. Direct thermal labels are commonly used in the food industry but also for other applications where there are no extreme demands on long storage. DT technology require only one media type, making it the easiest technology to use.

evolabel T43 printer


Thermal transfer technology “TT” (can also handle DT). Print width 4 inch (108 mm), resolution 300 dpi. The thermal transfer technology is often used in applications where the labelled product has long life time, is stored long time or exposed to tough handling. Examples are pharmaceutical, automotive industries and other non-food production. The Evolabel T43 printer guarantee excellent barcode readability also after long storage.

Evolabel T63 printer


Thermal transfer technology “TT” (can also handle direct thermal). Print width 6 inch (162 mm), resolution 300 dpi. The Evolabel T63 printer is suitable for pallet and box labeling, where large labels carrying a lot of data often are used. The solid aluminum chassis is machined as one piece for perfect alignment of the wide label and transfer rollers, print head etc. This eliminates the need for any mechanical adjustments and secure high quality printing over time.

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