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Anser A1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

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Anser A1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

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The Anser A1 is the first all-in-one thermal inkjet printer with the capability of a 2" print while being able to adjust DPI by object within the message for ultimate control of cartridge consumption. 

The A1 is the next generation advancement from the U2 product line of Smart, Pro-S, and SmartONE. Comparing the U2 series to the A1:

  • 3.5" screen with remote to 5" touchscreen
  • 1" max print height to 2" max print height
  • 6 month longer warranty
  • Larger ink portfolio
  • scan & select data
  • User Defined I/O


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Features & Specifications

The Anser A1 offers coding possibilities that other thermal inkjet printers can’t match. Compatible with both porous and non-porous substrates, the Anser A1 is built to meet the coding needs of companies across the manufacturing and packaging spectrum. The unique and innovative design creates a versatile printer that can grow and change with you as your production needs change. The Anser A1 can control two independent printheads, utilizing two different inks while being controlled by a single controller.

Other benefits of the Anser A1 include:

  • The ability to simultaneously control two production lines.
  • A 1-inch print height with a single printhead and a 2-inch print height with dual printheads.
  • Multiple printhead configurations to match your production needs.
  • A 7-inch color LCD touchscreen with complete protection against water and physical damage.
  • Pause-free cartridge replacement to prevent downtime while using “Parallel Setup.”
  • Scan to Print feature.

Offering the marking speed of a CIJ system, the print height of a high-resolution case coder, and the high-resolution capabilities of an industry-leading TIJ printer, the Anser A1 is ideal for a wide range of marking tasks.

The Anser A1’s 300 m/min max speed makes the model a perfect fit for primary packaging lines, such as those in bottling and canning facilities. Further, the A1’s unique dual production line support provides users with the ability to instantly scale up production. One controller can control two different print stations with two different messages using two different inks, and one controller with two heads can replace two systems, either in primary or case coding. The Anser A1 is also optimal for secondary packaging applications, as the A1’s 2-inch print height and 600 x 600 DPI capabilities are ideal for case coding.

Popular uses for the Anser A1 include marking:

For a more complete understanding of the Anser A1’s capabilities, see the chart below to view the A1’s full technical specifications

Anser A1 Thermal Inkjet Printer Controller Technical Specifications
Printing Technology High Resolution Thermal Inkjet
Cartridge Support HP & IUT
Display 5” Color LCD Capacitive Touchscreen 480x800 (portrait)
(Compatible with most of the medical and industrial gloves.)
Print Height 0.5”
Single Printhead: 12.7mm (0.5 inch)
Single Printhead: 25.4mm (1.0 inch)
Stitch Printheads: 25.4mm x 2 @ 48.7mm (1.92 inch)
Maximum Printing Resolution 600 DPI
Maximum Printing Speed 60.96 @ 300 DPI & 121 m/min @ 150 DPI
Maximum Print Distance 6mm
Printing Functions 1. Static Data: Text, Shape, and Image
2. Dynamic Data: Variables, Shift, Counter, Date/Time, and Barcodes
Font Type True Type Fonts: Amiri-Regular, Arimo-Regular, DejaVuSans, NotoSans-Regular, OCR-B, Open-Sans-Regular
and Sarabun-Regular
Open Type Fonts: NotoSansCJKtc-Medium, NotoSansKR-Regular, NotoSansJP-Regular, and NotoSansTC-Regular
System Language Arabic, Bulgarian, Serbian, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian,
Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish,
Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified
1D and 2D Barcodes EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, EAN128, UPCA, UPCE, CODE39, CODE128, ITF14 (SCC-14), NVE18 (SSCC-18)
INTER25, CODABAR, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, QR code, GS1 (DataMatrix, DataBar, DataBar EXP,
DataBar-Limited, DataBar-Limited Composite, DataBar-Stacked, DataBar-Stacked Composite,
QR code), DUN14, and Aztec Code
I/O Ports 1. RJ-45 port x 1
2. Encoder port x 1
3. RS-232/485 port x 1
4. 4. Photocell sensor port x 1
5. 5. I/O port x 1
6.6. USB 2.0 port x1
Communication Protocols Modbus TCP IP / UDP, Modbus RTU 485
Dimensions 169.8mm (L) x 136mm (H) x 125mm (W)
(6.69 inch x 5.35 inch x 4.92 inch)
Weight 1.8kg (3.97lb) w/o guide plate
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
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An industry-leading printer when it comes to marking speed, application versatility, and DPI resolution, the Anser A1 is for line operators that want the best TIJ system the market has to offer. Call InkJet, Inc. today to learn if this printer is right for you.

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