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NiceLabel Barcode Label Software | InkJet, Inc.

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NiceLabel Barcode Label Software | InkJet, Inc.

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Efficient, simple, and easy-to-learn, NiceLabel barcode label software provides companies with the tools they need to digitize their labeling processes. Compatible with InkJet, Inc.’s various CIJ printers, high-resolution case coders, and print-and-apply systems, NiceLabel enables users to design and manage all labels in one centralized location—no training required.


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Features & Specifications

Labeling is one of the most important parts of the product packaging process. Required in nearly every industry, product and shipping labels play several important roles, including directing product shipments, facilitating retail purchases, and informing customers.

To ensure that labels are properly produced and filled with correct information, companies must use a solution that can:

  1. Create labels in the correct format.
  2. Save labels in a central location.
  3. Allow for easy label edits and data updates.

NiceLabel barcode label software does all of this and more. Built with a simple label design program with drag-and-drop simplicity, NiceLabel makes label creation easier than ever before. Images, barcodes, codes, text, and network-derived data can all be added to labels with a stroke of the cursor, streamlining label creation and updates.

By integrating NiceLabel into your operation, you can:

  • Accelerate the overall label creation process.
  • Connect all of your printers into a single network.
  • Ensure that your labels are made using code-compliant designs.
  • Eliminate data input mistakes via automatic data updates.
  • Easily access your entire label library at a moment’s notice.

NiceLabel barcode label software empowers companies to overhaul their labeling processes for higher productivity, longer periods of uptime, and a reduced risk of rework.

To fit the needs of different companies, NiceLabel software is available in three different formats. Each of these NiceLabel forms has unique programs to improve the labeling processes of various setups. Available formats include:

  1. Design and Print - NiceLabel Designer Express and Designer Pro:Simple and affordable, NiceLabel Designer Express and Designer Pro provide users with the tools to quickly design and redesign labels in a program similar to Microsoft Word. Users can easily learn the software without extensive training. Designer Express and Designer Pro also offer basic database connectivity to Microsoft Excel and text files.
  2. Design and Controlled Print - NiceLabel Powerforms and Powerforms Suite:Combining label design, label automation, and controlled print software in one package, NiceLabel Powerforms has the label creation system of Designer but with greater system integration. NiceLabel Powerforms is an automated printing application that integrates label printing into existing systems and can streamline complex printing processes via user-controlled system adaptions and master data access.
  3. Managed Design and Controlled Print - NiceLabel LMS Pro or LMS Enterprise: Short for “Label Management System,” LMS Pro and LMS enterprise are next-generation, all-inclusive quality management solutions designed for regulated products. Integrates and communicates with ERP systems to standardize, centralize, and control sensitive labeling, LMS Pro is the ideal labeling solution to achieve code compliance.
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If You Have Questions about NiceLabel Barcode Label Software, InkJet, Inc. Has Answers

Offering a simple interface and powerful possibilities, NiceLabel barcode label software can help your company streamline the entire label creation process. To learn which NiceLabel solution is right for your needs, call InkJet, Inc. today.

For more information about NiceLabel barcode label software, contact InkJet, today or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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