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OS496 Blue Replacement Ink for Videojet® V496-D - 5 Pack


Product Code

OS496 Blue Replacement Ink for Videojet® V496-D - 5 Pack


Product Code

OS496 is a blue, ethanol-based ink manufactured with GMP standards that are best suited for printing on the packaging that comes in direct contact with food. OS496 is best suited for printing on packaging of cakes, cones, soft candies, pills, and eggshells. It was designed to produce crisp, legible inkjet codes on eggs. These codes are required in order to meet local product traceability regulations, increase consumer product quality awareness and safety, and provide additional opportunities for brand marketing.

Benefits of V496-D

  • Food grade
    • US FDA CMP Compliant
  • Adhesion to non-porous packaging
    • Acceptable adhesion and dry time on a variety of plastic films and coated papers that is not possible with certain water-based inks
  • Blue color
    • Good contrast on lighter colored background substrates
    • Can be used as an alternative color when a blue color is preferred over red OS495 ink

OS496 ink was responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion, and uptime while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Every raw material and batch is tested to ensure it meets strict quality control specifications.


Applications for OS496 

The OS496 ink is suitable for printing on food product and package codes that sometimes come into direct contact with food. Examples include production codes on flavoring pouches inserted into dry soup or noodle boxes, codes printed on food preparation instructions, confectionary baking kits, or coupons inserted into packages containing dry prepared foods. Customers often want assurances that their ink codes have the same food grade integrity as the package contents.

Food Packaging – Sometimes outer packages or containers are simply not able to provide an adequate barrier between the ink code and the contents. Examples include codes on paper-based (porous) tea bag pouches, paper sugar bags, coffee, and other dry good bags. The barrier might also be ventilated or perforated, such as film that covers a microwavable food tray or steamable food pouch.

Direct application on food – Certain regions indicate a preference for eggshell coding with a blue color ink over red, as contrast changes from white to brown eggshells. It is also possible to direct code onto pills, capsules, and hard candies if the substrate permits.

Other typical applications for this ink include: Egg-Coding, in-line (Egg-shell marking)  & food packaging and on direct food.


Targeted Industries of OS496 

The OS496 ink is suitable for printing on flexible packaging films food packaging industries. Ink maintains food grade integrity in food contact and direct-to-food applications. It has excellent adhesion to coated plastic.

Other industries customers have successfully used OS496 for their application: Poultry (Eggs), Other food packaging material that directly comes in contact with food. Pills & candies.

The make-up for this ink is OS730.
The cleaner for this is OS906.
To purchase those fluids, see the related products below.

OS496 is a product with a normal lead time of 10 business days to fulfill (Special Item).

Orders placed for this fluid may take up to 14 business days to fulfill (Special Item).

If you need it sooner, please contact customer care after your purchase online is complete.

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This ink can be used in applications where Videojet's V496-D is being used. This ink is a direct replacement for V496-D, hence no flush is required. It is important however, that the printer being used is also certified food grade. The operating temperature is limited to 55 – 110 º F (13 – 55º C).

OS496 ink has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when stored at a temperature range of +35o F to +95o F (+2o C to +35o C). Prolonged exposures to temperatures outside these limits will shorten the ink shelf life. If there is a possibility that the ink has been frozen during shipping, bring to room temperature (+70o F to +75o F or 21o C to +24o C) and shake well before using.

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