OS459 Invisible Fluorescent Replacement Ink for Videojet® V459-D


Product Code

OS459 Invisible Fluorescent Replacement Ink for Videojet® V459-D


Product Code

OS459 is a specially designed methyl ethyl ketone based invisible fluorescent ink. It has been developed for non-porous industrial products such as glass, metal, and plastic. Also OS459 has been developed to run consecutively behind Videojet's V459-D in the Videojet's 1000 series line of continuous inkjet printers. This ink is ideal for use in high-speed applications such as paperboard, plastic, and metal substrates for covert coding. It is specially designed to be invisible to the unaided eye and become fluorescent blue when activated by ultraviolet (UV) light.


Benefits of OS459

  • Fluoresces @433nm when excited by UV light @365nm; OS459  will fluoresce, making it readable while under this ultra-violet light. With a dry time of 1-2 seconds it makes it simple to print on line.
  • Special feature of the OS459 is that it is non-blushing and slightly heat resistant. Meaning, OS459 can be exposed to sunlight and not have the frosting effect other invisible inks experience. It can resist a retort process of 150°F in steam and water without losing fluorescence.

OS459 ink was responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion, and performance while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Every raw material and batch is tested to ensure it meets strict quality control specifications.

Applications for OS459

The OS459 ink is suitable for printing on high-speed (3000/min) can/bottle/package manufacturers to apply production tracking codes to containers that are later sold to and filled by food packagers. End products are sometimes retorted, pasteurized, or heat processed after filling. This ink is suitable for reliable 2D codes on dark color substrates.

 Other typical applications for this ink include: Electronic boards, metals, Wine & spirit bottles, extrusion, PVC & metal pipes  & aluminum and plastic pouches.

Similar to that of V459-D this ink is able to endure pre and post processes that include:

  • Dry substrates
  • Remove moisture
  • Resist heat for short period of time
  • Resist retort process in 150°F water w/o losing fluorescences 

Targeted Industries of OS459  

The OS459 has a primary application of security. Being able to code metal, glass, plastic, coated and non-coated paper make it versatile in the use of counterfeit deterrence. It has carved out a place in multiple industries including: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Cosmetic and many more.

Other industries customers have successfully used OS459 for their application: Electronic, Brewery, Cosmetics & personal care,  Automotive & Aerospace, Building materials, Chemicals and pipes.

Important Ordering Information

The make-up for this ink is OS701.
The cleaner for this is OS901.
To purchase those fluids, see the related products below.

OS459 is a product with a normal lead time of 7 business days to fulfill (Intermediate Item).

Orders placed for this fluid may take up to 10 business days to fulfill (Intermediate Item).

If you need it sooner, please contact customer care after your purchase online is complete.

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OS459 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when stored at a temperature range of +35oF to +95oF (+2oC to +35oC). Prolonged exposures to temperatures outside these limits will shorten the ink shelf life. If there is a possibility that the ink has been frozen during shipping, bring to room temperature (+70oF to +75oF or 21oC to +24oC).

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