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OS435 Ink | InkJet, Inc.


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OS435 ink is a high-quality alternative to Videojet’s V435-D. An alcohol-resistant MEK-based formula, OS435 is durable enough to withstand traditionally-difficult elements to deliver consistently readable results.

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Features & Specifications

OS435 is a fast-drying formula with durable properties. Alcohol-resistant, rub-resistant, heat-resistant, and offering superior adhesion to a wide range of glass, metal, and plastic materials, OS435 is a great fit for a variety of industrial applications. Thanks to its solvent-resistant properties, OS435 is particularly well-suited for printing on electronic components that are cleaned with ethanol or isopropanol after coding.

Beyond electronic component printing, OS435 is frequently used to mark packaging used in the following industries:

OS435 ink is sold in bulk packs that contain five 950 ml cartridges of OS435 each. Compatible with Videojet’s 1000-series CIJ printers, OS435 is more cost-effective than V435-D, yet delivers the same level of code quality. To ensure that every bottle of OS435 produces excellent results, every raw material used to produce the formula is tested for quality-assurance reasons. 

See the chart below for a quick breakdown of OS435’s other important qualities:

OS435 Ink Specifications
OS435 Significant Benefits - Excellent resistance to Isopropanol (IPA) and certain types of denatured ethanol
- Ink does not require Prop65
- Does not contain chemicals in EU banned list
- RoHS 3 Compliant
- Methanol Free
- Outstanding lightfastness
- High abrasion-resistance
Dry Time - 1 - 2 seconds
Shelf Life - 15 months from manufacture date
Makeup Correspondence - OS705
Cleaner Correspondence - OS902
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Interested in OS435 Ink? Make an Order Today

OS435 ink is a part of InkJet, Inc.’s larger portfolio of aftermarket printer fluids. Normal lead time for OS435 is two business days, while order fulfillment may take up to five business days. If you need OS435 sooner than that, please contact us immediately after you make an online purchase.

For more information on OS435 ink, contact InkJet, Inc. online or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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