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OS411 Ink | InkJet, Inc.


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OS411 ink is InkJet, Inc.’s aftermarket replacement for Videojet’s V411-D. Offering the same quality of V411-D but at a lower price, OS411 can help you lower your printer fluid expenses without compromising code quality.

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Features & Specifications

A black MEK-based formula, OS411 ink is optimal for high-speed coding applications that require fast-drying times. Capable of drying in less than one second and built to withstand the retort process, OS411 is ideal for marking a range of food and beverage packaging, including:

Beyond food and beverage packaging, OS411 is also a great choice to mark the coated plastic cards used in the telecommunication and credit card industries. Tobacco companies also commonly use OS411 to mark the flexible wrap that encloses their products. In addition to these industries, OS411 ink is commonly used in the following fields:

OS411 is sold in bulk packs that contain five 950 ml cartridges each. OS411’s bulk pricing provides users with a more affordable alternative to V411-D that delivers the same quality results. To guarantee product quality, every raw material used to create OS411 is tested to strict specifications. 

See the chart below for a quick breakdown of OS411’s other important qualities:

OS411 Ink Specifications
OS411 Significant Benefits - Halogen free
- RoHS 3 Compliant
- Methanol free
- Penetrates thin layers of oil
- Can Withstand 30-minute retort process
- Compliant with Swiss Food Packaging Ordinance Exclusion List
- Compliant with European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) Exclusion List
Dry Time - 1 second
Shelf Life - 18 months from manufacture date
Makeup Correspondence - OS705
Cleaner Correspondence - OS901
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Interested in OS411 Ink? Make an Order Today

OS411 ink is a part of InkJet, Inc.’s larger portfolio of aftermarket printer fluids. Normal lead time for OS411 is two business days, while order fulfillment may take up to five business days. If you need OS411 sooner than that, please contact us immediately after you make an online purchase.

For more information on OS411 ink, contact InkJet, Inc.online or call 1(800) 280-3245.

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