72mm Single Head Precision Series Case Coder System for Porous Material


Product Code

72mm Single Head Precision Series Case Coder System for Porous Material


Product Code
Item # Description Qty Components
819041 Printhead w/ Bracket, 72 mm, Precision Series 1 $6,309.26
818131 Controller, Dual Head, TsC20-X 1 $3,108.14
818970 Beacon, Alert 3 Stage Kit w/ out Horn 1 $279.00
818115 Bracket, TsC20 Controller 1 $169.96
818004 Photocell Sensor w/ Support 1 $279.40
  Installation cost of $1,400 is not included in total cost above. Will be charged after purchase.    

There will be information needed in a follow up meeting upon purchase of this system. Some of that information needed will include, but is not limited to:

  • the application – what is bring printed on and what the message/graphics include

  • the environment – temperature, humidity, caustics, etc.

  • the presentation – how the product/material is delivered to the printer

  • the support staff that will run and maintain the system

  • photos and videos of the process

Someone will reach out to you to schedule a meeting after your purchase.

This Precision Series 72mm single head system is meant for porous materials, like Cardboard, Corrugate, Paper and Wood. The system includes all the components above. Compatible, black oil-based ink is available here.

The printer can operate completely standalone, generating variable label information entirely from its own internal printer functions and memory. An internal barcode generator and built in on-screen label management- and design software, done on the 8” full color touchscreen TsC20-controller contribute to this. There is no need of an external PC.

In addition, the printer also seamlessly integrates into a network, wherein the variable label information is retrieved from external databases through the network. The Precision Series has its own Windows printer driver. This Windows driver goes beyond other standard printer drivers. It comes with a 100 % support from NiceLabel. This allows all auto codes (date, time, counters , etc.) created in NiceLabel to be generated by the printer. In addition, the printers work seamlessly with the wide spectrum of functionalities that NiceLabel software offers.

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Specifications for the 72mm Precision Series

DIMENSIONS (including bracket)



322 mm
Width 183 mm
Depth 480 mm
Weight 3,35 kg
Height 53,7mm
Length 500mm
PRINT SPEED 0 – 60 m/min
PRINT HEAD 180 dpi
Temperature 5 °C – 38 °C
Relative humidity 10% – 90% (non-condensing)


Operation Manual

Click here to download the manual (11MB).

Even after downloading the manual, it is still necessary to follow the instructions above regarding the follow-up meeting.


By being able to manage labels with NiceLabel from any Windows-based system, on the software side it also creates a standard solution for custom coding needs. In addition, at the front end, it is possible to customize the user interface, by which the entire series can be controlled. By only showing the relevant information on the screen and pre-setting all print job parameters, not only erratic coding will be prevented, but also a high user-friendliness is guaranteed. Through seamless integration into your existing business structure, InkJet, Inc. provides a problem-free solution for all coding and marking needs, now and in the future.


Free to arrange grid with unicode fonts.

Automatic numbering
Batch codes, lot numbering, pallet counting, etc. in various forms of notation. Space for several numbering codes per label.

Automatic date & time coding
Best before date, production date and other date designations in various forms of notation Multiple date codes per label possible. Time in various forms of notation. Multiple time codes possible in one label.

Automatic shift codes
Up to 25 shift codes, definable over a maximum of 7 days. Multiple shift codes possible in one label.

With the built-in barcode generator, all common barcodes are available such as: EAN8, EAN13, CODE 39, CODE128, ITF, and QR with adjustable height and module width. Multiple barcodes are possible in one label.

Graphic images
Logos can be imported into the TsC20 controller.

Free label layout
The Precision Series 72 supports Unicode fonts. All codes can be freely placed within the design grid. (53,7 x 1.000 mm). Text or graphics can be aligned on a grid.

Print position and printing direction
Printing position (delay) can be adjusted in mm. Print direction can be set from left to right or right to left.

Printing speed is adjustable, from 0.4 m/min to 60 m/min. Optional speed encoder 0 to max 60m/min for variable speeds.

Internal memory capacity
42 MB for fonts, images and labels. The number of labels depends on the size.

External label management- and design software
The Precision Series 72 is shipped with a free Windows printer driver. It comes with 100 % NiceLabel support. All auto codes (date, time, counters, etc.) created in NiceLabel can be generated by the printer. The driver offers bi-directional printing and communication.

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