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DuraCode CIJ Touchscreen New Message Creation


This is our touchscreen model (DuraCode CIJ). I will create a brand new message from scratch. Start doing that by tapping the screen, in between the two black (horizontal) lines. [A drop down menu will appear]. Then I’m going to go into “Manage Jobs” [tap on “Manage Jobs”].

This is our editor field. Couple of different options; “New” if I want to create a brand new message. “Edit” if I want to edit an existing message. “Delete” if I want to delete any message I have ever created. “Download” if I want to download to a USB or from a USB. Copy message. Rename message.

In this case, I am going to create a brand new message [tap on “New Message”]. And now we are in the actual editor of the message.

A few options here; text, multi-text, timer – this is your date/time fields, Shift, Counter, Pictures (or graphics and logos), Barcodes, External Data.

I’m going to start out by adding a simple text field [tap on “Text” button]. Edit under text [tap on the edit field], and I will enter simple text.

My font size adjustment. I can tap on it and open up this window [to choose the font size], choose 7, or I can use the arrows to modify (font size) [tap OK when done typing].

Then I will move it [to do this, tap and hold your text and drag it into position] into my window and I can fine tune (the position) with the arrows.


Now we will add a time field [tap on the “timer” button]. Tap on your arrow to edit format (to the right of the top Format field), and in this case I will use month, slash, day, slash, 20, year. You can see up here, there is a preview. Okay [tap ok button]. Again, I can adjust my font size.

If I want to make this an expiration date, I can enter a value, which is the offset value, but I will just use today’s date [tap ok button]. And there it is.

Now, if I am ready to send down to the printer to print, I tap “ok”, enter a name (to save this message as), tap ok once I have the name. Now it’s on my list of messages, ready to go.

If I am ready to send this message to print, I can send to print (by tapping on the “to print” button) or I can leave it alone for future use. But I will send it down to print. And now it’s been updated and you can see the name has changed as well. And we’re ready to go.

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