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How to Create an Expiration Date on the DuraCode CIJ keyboard printer


I will create a brand new user field. This time I will create an expiration date user field. User field [press the User Field button, which causes a drop down window to appear], Edit and create; I am going to hit enter [this selects the edit & create option], Enter again because I want to create a new user field. Name it for whatever make sense for your application. This time, I will call it 30 Days because I will set an offset of 30 days [press enter].

First field (Text field), I will enter my code and the codes can be found in the manual. In this case, I will use FG for the day, slash, DE for month, slash, and BC for the year. And we’ll scroll down [use the arrow key to move down a field] for EXP and enter 30 because I need this to be a 30 day offset. Now I am going to hit enter to save it.

Now to add it to a message, F3, and I am going to scroll over to wherever I need it (using the arrows), F2 to open up my user field window, and I am going to scroll through it to try and find it. 30 Days [hit enter]. And here we are. To save it, I will tab over [by pressing the tab button] and select Save and Exit. And now my message field has been updated.

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