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25P WHT is a white pigmented, ketone-based ink specifically designed for high-contrast printing on a wide variety of dark colored substrates. It is primarily used for printing on non-porous surfaces, such as colored glass, electrical cable and wiring, as well as extruded rubber products. InkJet, Inc.'s 25P WHT ink is virtually identical in performance to the Videojet® 16-2520. 25P WHT is designed to operate in the Videojet Excel series pigmented printer. 25P WHT does not require any special flushing or changeover procedure and is a direct drop in replacement for the VJ 16-2520 ink. It will typically dry in less than 3 seconds, depending upon the substrate and environmental conditions. Due to the pigmented nature of this product, 25P WHT ink has a shelf life of 6 months. The 25P WHT ink will provide customer’s significant savings and dependable performance.


Ink Number/Name

25P WHT (25W)

Ink Type Ketone
Make-Up 501
Color Pigmented White


The ink has been developed to operate in the following Videojet printer models: Excel series pigmented printers.


The 25P WHT ink will typically dry in less than 3 seconds, depending upon the substrate and environment.


Direct drop in replacement for the Videojet 16-2520 ink and does not require any special changeover or flushing procedure. It can be run directly behind the Videojet 16-2520 ink.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a bright, high-contrast opaque mark on dark colored substrates such as glass, plastic and polyethylene products

  • Does not require any special flushing and can be piggybacked directly behind the Videojet 16-2520 ink

  • Good adhesion to non-porous and semi-porous substrates 

25P White Ink on Computer Chip

Key Industries

Automotive, wire and cable, bottling and electrical industries. 

Key Applications

25P WHT ink is well suited for printing onto dark colored glass bottles, electrical cables and semi-porous extruded rubber products, such as those found in the automotive industry. 

Field Trial Testing

25P WHT ink successfully passed extensive in-house testing in comparative performance analysis vs. Videojet 16-2520.

Shelf life - Special Instructions

Ink Storage: Must be stored in an area in which the temperature range is between +35°F and +95°F. The 25P WHT has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture when stored within these parameters. The shelf life will shorten if the ink is exposed to temperatures outside of this range for extended periods. If it becomes frozen, the ink must be brought to room temperature (+70°F to +75°F) before use.

Note: Shake well before use. Ensure that all sediments are mixed in.

Packing configurations

InkJet ink 25P WHT is available in quarts.

Lead time of 3-5 business days from date of order.



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