Anser U2

The ANSER U2 raises the bar in thermal inkjet printing. With its 2.7-inch LCD screen and anti-shock design, the ANSER U2 aids in streamlining your production line. The compact printer includes a SD card slot built in to the 4-in-1 sandwich housing for message storage, back-up, and software upgrades. The ANSER U2 comes in three different models to suit your coding and marking needs. It is also available in a mobile, hand-held model to increase flexibility.

ANSER U2 Models

ANSER U2 Standard

  • Variable DPI: 100-600 resolution
  • Built in photocell
  • Printing capabilities include:
    • Text
    • Barcodes (10 standard included)
    • Logos/Graphics
    • Counters
    • Expiration Date
    • Date/time, Shift, and Lot-box codes
    • 10 lines of Print: 0.5” height max


ANSER U2 HD Net builds upon the functionality of the ANSER U2 adding the following features:

  • High-definition printing
  • Variable data capabilities
  • QR and PDF417
  • DataMatrix and GS1 118 (optional)
  • Networking
  • Control up to 64 units
  • Connect up to 6 units per line
  • System Integration: PC, PLC

ANSER U2 Mobile

ANSER U2 Mobile has all of the functionality of the ANSER U2 Standard or ANSER U2 HD Net in a convenient and easy-to-use mobile version.

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