Anser U2 Smart

The U2 SMART offers the most cost-effective solution with exclusive ink selections for porous & semi-porous printing applications. The ink cartridge eliminates unnecessary printhead services. It is truly zero-maintenance and drastically decreases cost of ownership. Cost is only $1,099 per printer.

The 3.5 inch LCD screen provides a better user experience, while maintaining its compact body size for hassle-free installation and easy integration. It comes with a handy, pocket-sized, remote keypad designed for easy operation.

Simple yet elegant user interface for easy operation. The intelligent dashboard design monitors the printer status and provides real-time notifications.

Dust Cover Design
Help to protect cartridge from getting damaged in harsh environment.

USB 2.0 Compatible
Multiple functions including software update, data backup and stand-alone USB keyboard operation.

Anti-Shock Mechanism Design
Eliminate the unexpected damage to your printer with ANSER’s unique protective design.

High Readable Rate Barcodes
Capable of printing crisp 1D & 2D barcodes including EAN 128, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, QR and etc.

Automatic Ink Identification
Automatic identifies and selects the proper firing parameter to ensure the best print quality.

U2-Smart Specifications:
Display 3.5” Color LCD with LED backlight
User-interface Simple and easy-to-use operating system
Input Device Pocket-sized IR remote keypad
Available Languages English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
LED Indicators Alarm, Ink low, Print, Run, Remote on/off
Print Engine  Hewlett-Packard Thermal Ink Jet technology
Print Resolution & Speed 600 x 300 dpi (76.2 m/min) – Print quality is resolution & speed dependent.
Print Distance Recommended 6mm
Print Height Up to 4 lines and 12.7mm (0.5”). Selectable font size from 2.7mm,  3.6mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm
Print Capability Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, shift code, counter, lot box code
Electrical Requirements AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 0.49kg (1.08 lb.) – excluding cartridge and bracket
Dimensions  (L/W/H) 4.5″ x 3″ x 2.5″ (114 x 76 x 60 mm)
Mounting Orientation Horizontal or downside
Message Storage Capacity Store up to 999 messages
Operating Temperature 41°F – 104°F (5°C – 40°C)
Data Interface RS485 & USB port
Optional Accessories
Encoder Provide high print quality on unstable conveyor
Photocell Provide more reliable and precise sensing parameter
Alarm Kit Alert users in the event of an incident

Anser  Inkfinity NP3  Black  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity NP3  Red  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity NP4  Black  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity P1  Red  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity SP2C  Black  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity SP3  Black  42ml
Anser  Inkfinity SP3  Black  400ml
Anser  Inkfinity SP3  Black  400ml
Anser  Inkfinity SP3  Black  400ml (ISD)
Anser  Inkfinity SP4  Black  42ml
Anser  SP3 400ml Bulk Ink System
Anser  U2 Inkfinity NP3  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity NP3  Red  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity NP3  Blue  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity NP4  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Black  370ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Blue  40ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Red  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Green  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity P1  Yellow  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP-L  Black  36mL
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP2B  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP2C  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP3  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP4  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Inkfinity SP4  Blue  42ml
Anser  U2 Maxdark  Black  42ml
Anser  U2 Miracode NP1  Black  42ml
Anser U2 Smart Printing on Wood

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