Thermal Inkjet

About Thermal Ink Jet Printers

Inkjet, Inc. knows how to maximize  the advantages of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing technology that offers a coding solution that is reliable, easy to use and is designed for quality printing of  high-resolution codes on nonporous substrates.  InkJet Inc.’s respected expertise in printing systems ensures the most stringent production requirements will be met, offering peace of mind about uptime that translates into saving time and money.

Anser U2 Smart

The U2 SMART offers the most cost-effective solution with exclusive ink selections for porous & semi-porous printing applications. The ink cartridge eliminates unnecessary printhead services. It is truly zero-maintenance and drastically decreases cost of ownership.


Anser U2 Smart One

The U2 SMART ONE offers all the same benefits as the U2 SMART but with one inch printing. The other difference is that it only takes one single SP4-1 cartridge, 42ml.


Anser U2 PRO S

Small, yet powerful, the ProS is the world's first solvent compatible cartridge designed specifically for primary package coding applications.