LDR 7100

LDR 7100 Digital Laser Marking System


InkJet, Inc.’s LDR 7100 Digital Laser Marking System is making laser technology attainable for all production environments. The LDR 7100 is the latest generation of an all digital laser coding and marking system. This allows for reliable, Laser Digital Resolution codes at speeds no scribing laser can touch. The LDR 7100 is an ingenious alternative to the expensive and complicated laser coding systems of the past. The LDR 7100 can mark a variety materials including glass, coated metals, rigid or flexible plastics, polymers and coatings, coated or uncoated paper or paperboard and many other substrates found throughout most industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, HBA, wire and cable and manufacturing.

The LDR 7100 features an innovative design and no galvos technology resulting in a stable, modular machine with easy point-and-shoot installation. The absence of moving parts increases uptime and significantly decreases repair times. Operation of the LDR 7100 is done via computer or smartphone app keeping operators in a system they are already familiar with.

Features of LDR 7100 include:

  • High speed, all digital laser marking system
  • Laser Digital Resolution with enhanced high resolution mark quality
  • No moving precision optical parts or consumables
  • Point-and-shoot installation and operation
  • Long laser tube life
  • Plug-and-play laser module for easy replacement
  • 5 DOT, 7 DOT or 9 DOT character vertical definition with high resolution option
  • Multiple cooling options including closed-loop cooling
  • Long and highly flexible umbilical
  • User-friendly control panel via computer or smartphone app
  • Compact footprint

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InkJet, Inc. LDR 7100 Laser Marking System

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