About Laser Printers

InkJet, Inc.’s laser printer is a great solution for a wide range of coding and marking applications. Our laser offering includes an innovative all digital designed machine. Other features include:

  • No Galvo
  • Reduced tube recharges
  • Point-and-shoot installation and operation
  • High resolution mark quality
  • No moving precision optical parts or consumables
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Compact footprint
InkJet, Inc. LDR 7100 Laser Marking System

LDR 7100

InkJet, Inc.'s LDR 7100 Laser Marking System is making laser technology attainable for all production environments. The LDR 7100 is the latest generation of an all digital laser coding and marking system. This allows for reliable codes at speeds no scribing laser can touch, all with no galvos.