BestCode Model 88SP

BestCode Model 88SP Summary

Used For: Food, Dark Surfaces, Metals, Plastics

For specialty printing needs, you need equipment and a partner who understands that not all printers are created equal. The BestCode Model 88SP covers all of your specialty continuous inkjet print applications.

Features of the BestCode Model 88SP include:

  • Opaque ink operations (light and heavy pigments)
  • FDA (food grade) compliant printing with FDA compliant inks for printing directly to food products
  • 90 degree print head
  • Micro print and ultrahigh speeds
  • High quality micro printing
  • 40 micron nozzles printing very small, high resolution micro characters at letter quality output
  • Pigment (Opaque)
  • Micro pigment ink providing good contrast codes on dark colored surfaces
  • Heavy pigment ink providing high contrast codes on dark surfaces
  • Specific pump and hardware are employed to ensure long term reliable operation and consistency

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