Open Source Fluids

Open Source Fluids

Finally, a Fluids Alternative for the  Videojet® 1000 Line Printers

InkJet, Inc. Open Source Fluids are a high quality, cost-efficient inks, makeups and cleaners for use in the Videojet® 1000 Line of continuous inkjet printers. Featuring a novel, patented cartridge filled with the industry-leading, ultra-clean consumables that InkJet, Inc. has been producing for close to 30 years. Open Source Fluids gives you the right to choose compatible fluids as an alternative to what was once mandated by the OEM. We call it “Fluids Freedom!” That freedom gets you higher quality, lower cost, more uptime and guaranteed compatibility.

The Open Source Fluids and Cartridge includes:

  • Inks – InkJet, Inc. has a full line of ready-to-ship ink formulations for a wide variety of substrates and environments. Whether you are in need of general purpose, food grade, retort, environmentally friendly or even invisible fluorescent ink, we most likely have what you need. These formulations are direct replacement to current Videojet® ink cartridges and can be used without flushing or maintenance. All you have to do is take out the old cartridge and install the Open Source Cartridge and keep printing.
  • Makeups
  • Cleaners

If you have a unique or challenging application, our ink lab can help. We have been creating custom formulations and leading ink innovation for many customers, in many applications on many substrates. And now, we are creating custom inks for the Open Source Cartridge for use in the Videojet® 1000 Line of printers.

For additional information about Open Source Fluids and formulations available, download the data sheet or use the form at left to speak with a Coding & Marking Specialist today.

Open Source Fluids Cartridges by InkJet, Inc.

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