About Consumables

InkJet develops inks and solvents to meet all industrial packaging specifications.

Our fluids feature formula enhancements that include higher filtration, darker pigmentation, greater in-printer performance, longer shelf-life, increased thermochromic contrasts, faster dry times, superior adhesion process, substrate adhesion and the ability to exceed industry requirements.

We remain on the cutting edge of ink technology and partner with solutions’ manufacturers, ensuring we offer the best of new technologies, along with the most proven and stable OEM platforms.

We are recognized worldwide for our focus on production line uptime, as well as our aftermarket refurbished replacements.

Custom Performance Ink

InkJet's R&D lab creates performance inks custom to our customer's needs. Our process for the creation and testing of these inks has delivered top quality results for over 25 years.


Guaranteed Compatible Ink

InkJet manufactures a broad range of CIJ inks and provides consumables to all major brand CIJ printer manufacturers.


Food Grade Ink

InkJet's direct food contact ink is designed for printing on FDA specified foods. With a fast drying formula and long shelf life, it is the ideal ink for cakes, cones, candies, eggs and other food printing needs.


Additional Inks

InkJet designs and produces ink for most OEM printers including Videojet®, Markem-Imaje and Domino.


Open Source Fluids

Finally, a Fluids Alternative for the  Videojet® 1000 Line Printers! InkJet, Inc. Open Source Fluids are a high quality, cost-efficient inks, makeups and cleaners for use in the Videojet® 1000 Line of continuous inkjet printers. Click the View Product button to start saving money and getting better efficiency.