Food Packaging

InkJet is your source for solutions to the changing demands and requirements in food packaging to ensure accurate code information. From bags to cases, InkJet can help safeguard your product integrity and ensure freshness programs get the codes they require.

We have the right solutions for the unique challenges related to food packaging, all optimized to increase productivity improve presentation, and reduce downtime.

Features of our products important to the Food Packaging industry include:

  • Low VOC inks
  • Rigid/Flexible/Elastic
  • Moisture/Chemical/Abrasion Resistant
  • Direct and Indirect Food Contact
  • Anti-Transfer
  • Fast Dry
  • Thermo Chromic/Color Change
  • Re-Tort
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Offset dates
  • Barcodes and Graphics
  • UV/Invisible Ink

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the requirements used in the food industry, as well as the diverse technologies used in its packaging. We have cost effective inks and print technologies for everything from the highest speed canning line to hand-packout product lines…from the highest tech flexible packaging to good old-fashioned carton marking.

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